Product Information

WIRE HARNESS – Connector Wire (Cluster Assembly, Connector Ass’y)

  • Product

    WIRE HARNESS – Connector Wire [ Cluster Assembly, Connector Ass’y ]

  • Usage

    Refrigerator compressor motor stator

  • Characteristics

    1. Connector Wire by complete automation production thorough processed
      that after cutting the wire, crimp the terminal and insert it into the housing.
    2. This is linked to the refrigerator compressor motor stator.
    3. High quality, low cost and fast delivery.
  • Specifications

    • Wire – Youngchang silicone 0.12mm/81c-AWG 18 [Polyester insulated copper wire ]
      ex) White : 115mm, Red : 125mm, Black : 125mm
    • Terminal – AMP 50170063-2 [Phosphor bronzed Terminal]
    • Housing – AMP 171370-3 [PBT Housing(white)]
    • Yarn tube – Polyester Yarn tube 6Φ 20mm is optional

Products Image

Single connector type

Both connector type

Application Products

Compressor motor stator  junction image